5 in 1 Multi-Use Cover

Protect your little ones with These comfortable, Breathable, Stretchy and Multi-Use Cover 

This versatile cover is the perfect item to help ease your life as a parent. Made from a stretchy, trendy and super-soft fabric, this one size fits all cover is suitable for all baby car seats, breastfeeding mothers, shopping carts and can also be used as a stylish infinity scarf among many others. Apart from being comfortable on your skin and that of your baby, the cover is easy-to-use, easy to put on and take off, and offers utmost protection for anything it is put on. For the nursing mothers, these lightweight cover makes you feel comfortable while you breastfeed your kid. It envelopes you and offer an absolute privacy without the need to be bothered about being blown away or nursing your baby in the public

These amazing covers are super-soft and breathable. Available in different colours and designs, the simple pattern of these covers will easily augment virtually any outfit.

Suitable for use across all seasons, this exceptional and fashionable cover can be compactly folded for easy storage. Above all, it makes a perfect baby shower gift for intending mothers and it is also what every caring mother should get for their baby.

Features and Benefits of the Breathable, Stretchy and Multi-Use Baby Car Seat Cover
• Protect your baby from high winds, harmful UV rays, sunlight & weather
• Keep your baby safe from coming in contact with germs
• Make your movement stress free
• Has a flexible opening right at the top to enable you to peep at your baby.
• Available in different colours and designs to choose from
• Optimum protect against interference while breastfeeding


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