''LOVE,LOVE,LOVE! These bibs are SO soft. They are adjustable snaps so you can make them tighter or looser on the neck. They wash up very nice and absorb quite a bit before the need to be change. We will be buying more! kayla g
These were just perfect! Love the three snaps because there are so many size options depending on how you snap them. At the largest snap I can fit this around my neck! They are soft and washed well. The prints are really cute and a great value for the price. I plan to get more as baby shower gifts in the future because they are so great for my daughter ''LAUREN

''I love how soft and durable these bibs are. The pacifier clip is a super cute bonus! These bibs go great with my little girl's outfits and I receive a lot of compliments on them. The quality is great and the price is even better!''AMAZON CUSTOMER


''This is by far the best value bundle on here first you get 7! Not 4 , then you get a reversible pacifier holder and to put the cherry on top it has an ebook that I must say I enjoyed a lot it has a lot of valuable information for moms in general ok so the material of these is soft thick and stretchy with adjustable straps in the back so my daughter will well grown into these probably will last her 3 more years depending of usage I also found that the absorbency of these is pretty decent I left my daughter on with one bib and the usual ones I wold put on her would be soaking wet in less than an hour and with these all day and they weren't use alittle bit she is teething right now and I thought these weren't going to led up but I was pleasantly surprised they lasted I have seen many of these for 15-16 for a 4 set and this one is around the same price but you get 3 extra more the pacifier holder and the ebook I think these are the same quality as those but these are way worth more for the value bundle ! I absolutely loved that they did not discomfort my daughter at all she is very sensitive and I would see it right away with a rash on her neck so I am extremely happy with these and very glad I can honestly say that.''JTZA

''I received these bibs today and couldn't be more pleased. My 6 month old daughter is drooling like crazy every day, and she easily soaks through her shirts multiple times a day. I bought these in hopes they would be more fitting and stylish than standard bibs. Boy was I right!
First, the bibs come in a cute carrying bag. The designs on the bib fabric were adorable, colorful, and so cute for a little girl. The bibs are well made: front, design layer made of 100% cotton and the inner lining is a soft polyester, almost like a super soft felt. Very easy on delicate neck of baby. There are three snaps which allow for comfort fitting based on different neck size. The stitching and seam work is very nice and very smooth. When on my daughter, the bib sits nicely on her chest and doesn't bulk up under her chin. Within no time, it was already showing its ability to absorb a lot of drool! I was so impressed with the bibs that I will be recommending to all of my mommy friends. The extra pacifier clip was a nice bonus touch.
Overall I am extremely thrilled with these bibs and can't wait to rotate through them. The soft, colorful fabric is awesome because my baby will always pull it up and put it in her mouth, and it's easy on her gums and lips.. Thank you for making such a great product.''  LARA


''I really think this are one of the best brand of bibs out there, this is my second pack and quality is as good as the first one i bought, The bandanas look so adorable more modern than the original round bibs. In this package you get a variety of bibs and a pacifier clip thats reversible they all come packed in this cute cotton bag, i think this would make such a lovely baby shower gift. The clip match two of the patter from the bibs. All the bibs have 3 adjustable snaps, so you can still use them as you baby grows, I have wash this and they seem to hold great. They are extremely soft cotton material and really absorbent. I have compared them to other bibs and this seem to have a thicker layer of flees. The patter and really cute and fashionable another huge plus is i consider this to be gender neutral, as i would like to save some of my baby things for the second one. I think for the quality of this and the price they are really affordable. They compete with one of the top brand. I really don't have anything bad to say about this, I love this bib and i would repurchase them over and over again.''RIRI                                                                                   

''Perfectly sized little bibs for my baby girl. She is seven months old and drooling constantly! We love these stylish drool bibs. They're very soft, thin, but still great at keeping her clothes dry underneath. The snaps are great quality and will adjust for her as she gets bigger. We just ordered another set because we use them every day. I definitely recommend these to any new parent.''MARIE BUYS

''These are the best deal! This brand is by far the nicest and softest bandana bibs. I have three brands that I have purchased and I love this one the best. The fleece on the back has remained super soft after many washes. I bought another set from them. Love it! suz
I LOVE these! I have tried another kind, but these have more of a wide variety of adjusting sizes, and they are very absorbent. They fit my baby so well, and the price is great! I definitely will be ordering them again if I need more!''NEPAL HEATHER

''These are the cutest and the best way to keep from changing my son's clothes every few hours (he produces an unbelievable amount of drool!). I love that there is a layer of cute fabric as well as a layer of soft fleece (extra absorbent). I wash them with laundry every few days and they are holding up well. The snaps are easy to use and work well - adjustable so that these bibs can grow with my son. I started buying these as my go-to baby gift for friends who are having babies.

I also tried two other kinds of drool bibs from Amazon, and I like these ones best - best value and the fabric has resisted fading better than the others.''JULIE DAHLOF 


''These baby girl baby bandana bibs are absolutely the most adorable drool bibs that I have ever bought! I wish I could get a picture of them on my niece, but she hasn't been born yet. They are so thick, that when she drools, her clothes will stay nice and dry. They will be able to fit her from newborn to toddler size. The snaps are reinforced, so they will not come apart. These are much nicer than other bandana drool bibs on the market. The bibs are lined with a soft Muslim-type material. They are extremely soft, absorbent, and stain resistant. Instead of changing her clothes, or bibs, every couple of hours, I will be able to put one of these on her and they will last for hours. They are not restrictive, so she can move about with no problem. Instead of tying in the back, they have nice snaps instead. They come in many different colors and a very nice gift bag, so they will be an excellent gift for a baby shower. You can launder them with other towels or baby clothes easily. They are sturdy, and extremely handy. I recommended that my niece put one in her diaper bag so that she will always have something to keep the baby clean and dry. I received these at a discount for my honest opinion. My honest opinion is that these are an absolute must have for anyone who has a newborn or small baby. Every new mom that you give these to will thank you!

This set includes 7 bandana bibs, a pacifier clip, a drawstring gift bag, and an e-book with tips to help ease your baby's drooling. It's a great comprehensive set for new parents.''DONNA CRABTREE